What to Expect

Brian will begin by asking questions about your condition, taking your pulse, and observing your tongue. You will lay on a treatment table to allow Brian to access different regions of your head, arms, legs, and torso. Acupuncture is a hands-on therapy and palpation of these areas are common. Hair-thin, solid, sterile, single-use needles will be placed in selected locations, and remain in place for approximately 10-50 minutes. People have a range of sensations from the needles, but commonly there  will be a dull achy feeling. The practitioner exercises care in minimizing discomfort, and patients generally will feel relaxed during the course of treatment as a result of the acupuncture.  Brian may stimulate the location with the needle. This may cause a sensation that travels to other areas of the body…this is known as “deqi”, and it’s stimulation is intentional as part of the therapeutic process. Once the needles are removed, you will be checked out of your appointment.

Tips for your appointment:

  • Wear loose clothing that are easily pulled up above the knees and expose the arms and shoulders.
  • Access to your abdomen, chest, and back may be required. Clothing that is easily adjusted to access these areas is preferred. Hospital style gowns are available, however.
  • Please do not brush your tongue the day of your appointment.
  • Eat a light snack before your appointment if it is between meals or you haven’t eaten within 1-2hrs.
  • Drink plenty of water (not coffee, juices, or sodas) before your appointment.
  • Let the practitioner know if you are feeling uneasy about anything during your appointment.


Technical Reference to “deqi”:

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