Oriental Medicine

Oriental medicine is an ancient holistic medical system that focuses on addressing the root cause of disease by stimulating the bodies natural healing process.

Oriental Medicine, also refered to as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), East Asian Medicine, or simply Traditional Medicine, is a complete medical healthcare system that targets the underlying causes of disorders as well as addressing symptoms. This is why it’s common for patients to see improvements in other areas besides their main complaint. It is a holistic medical system that considers the human being as a sum of mind, body, spirit, and that these aspects are interconnected. Oriental medicine focuses on energetics, and takes a different perspective than Western medicines biomolecular based models and reductionist approach. It includes the use of acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulas to treat disorders and illness. Other modalities include electro-stimulation, heat therapy, body work (cupping, gua sha, Tuina, Shiatsu), vitamins and supplements, and dietary and lifestyle guideance.