Areas of Interest

Brian’s clinical interests are in the integration of the ancient wisdom of Oriental medicine, modern scientific research, and functional medicine to address chronic health issues that are difficult to treat by the conventional Western medical system or lead to undesireable side-effects from drug therapies. Oriental medicine is an energetic based paradign whereas functional medicine is a biomolecular based paradigm of living beings. These paradigms share a holistic perspective and focus on treating root cause of disease…something that seems to have been abandoned in conventional Western medicine. These two holistic systems that center on root cause are complimentary in their energetic vs biomolecular perspectives, respectively. These two forms can be viewed as Yang and Yin components of the combined system.

Brian’s continued studies beyond Oriental medicine include functional blood chemistry, endocrin0logy, and neurology as well as gastroenterology, food allergies and sensitivity (ie; gluten), leaky gut syndrome, auto-immunity, perimenopause support, and neurodegeneration in clinical applications. Advancing research is making an ever increasing number of links between chronic illnesses to chronic inflammatory conditions. These inflammatory processes are influenced by multiple systems of the body, but the gastrointestinal and central nervous system serve as the central axis for healthy inflammatory control.

Nearly a thousand years ago, Oriental medicine went through a renaissance in thought that lead to new principles that explained how illness could derive from within as a result of imbalances in the digestive function. Prior to this, the predominant view of disease was one of external causes by pathogenic factors (analagous to catching the flu from a virus in Western medicine). The role of the center, the digestive function, in Oriental medicine developed nearly 1,000 years ago is very relevant today with increasing rates of obesity, diabetes, auto-immune diseases, endocrine dysfunction, dementia, and other neurodegenerative diseases.