Safety and toxic effects of genetically modified food?

The long-term health effects and safety of genetically modified foods is something I think about alot lately. The more I study and attend seminars, the more it becomes apparent that certain health concerns may be linked to GM food sources. The GM food industry is big corporate business with big budgets and big legal departments. The GM food industry can certainly be looked at with suspicion given stories of overpowering and destroying small farmers because the farmers can’t compete against big corporation budgets and their lawyers. This is no surprise from my awareness of how our legal and corporate system often works. The saying … “follow the money” comes to mind. Large corporations are not about your health and wellness, but driven by profits and increasing stock value. The advancement of GM foods into our food supply chain seems to have moved forward without unbiased, thorough research on the long-term health effects of these crops that are genetically altered to maximize yield and profits. One could venture speculation that they have moved forward through big budget lobbying and corporate connections vs. evaluations over nutrient and health benefits.

One study done by a collective group in Europe reassessed the original data gathered by a major company developing GM food crops in the U.S. The data was originally used by the GM food company to get approval for commercialization, and here’s the kicker…the original data was not made available until the company lost a European lawsuit and was forced to release their toxicology data to the public. Do you see a problem here with a big corporation that commercializes GM crops and refuses to make public it’s toxicology studies on the health effects? Sometimes what happens in regulatory and legal process baffles me because it seems so rediculous and doesn’t make a bit of sense. Unless you look at it from strictly a business, power, and money perspective.

The reassessment of the original data indicates significant toxic effects primarily to the kidneys and livers of the study subjects … rats! Yes that’s right … the same data just analyzed with more thorough statistical analyses contradicts the original conclusions of the GM food company, and validates real health concerns. Of course the big GM food company immediately denounced the new findings as faulty, but if you’re a big corporate lawyer representing your corporate employer what else are you going to say?

Here’s a link to the research article published in the International Journal of Biological Sciences.

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