Orenco Acupuncture & Wellness Clinic is an Oriental Medicine clinic dedicated to improving your health and quality of life with a focus on addressing the root cause of dis-ease, help with conditions that are difficult to treat by conventional Western medicine, and reduce the negative side-effects of drugs.

I believe that excellent healthcare begins with a sound professional relationship between the patient and the healthcare provider. The best outcomes can be achieved when the relationship is positive, based on trust and respect. I listen to your story because I believe you understand your body best, and will not think “it’s in your head” if I don’t know the answers. Relationships take time and trust is earned.

Schedule a FREE 20 minute visit (or remote conference) to see Orenco Acupuncture & Wellness Clinic, LLC, and meet Brian ….. see below ….

Maybe you’ve heard about acupuncture from a friend or wondered if it could help with your condition? You may have never experienced an acupuncture treatment or taken an herbal formula so it’s understandable you might have anxiety, uncertainty, and possibly hesitation in scheduling an appointment. Your lack of familiarity with the practitioner and uncertainty in relating to him or her may add to these fears.

That’s why I encourage you to schedule a complimentary  20min appointment to see the clinic, meet Brian, and briefly discuss your condition so you may gain a sense of compatability before scheduling a new patient appointment.

“Brian had an excellent presence with patients and I would highly recommend him as an amazing acupuncturist.” DS

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I also offer a free 20 minute tele or video conference appointment for those who prefer to “meet” without the time commitment of a commute. Please select the “Free Consultation” option under services when scheduling your appointment online from the link above. Video conferences utilize Skype technology so you will need to download the Skype application to your computer.